Dream big; Sudan Education without Borders.

In time we tend to forget where we come from. That’s ok. Life does that on purpose just so we learn how to make where we come from, a better place. I am almost convinced.

Then again, life reassures me everyday that dreams are achievable.

Two days ago, on the internet, I stumbled upon a video that took me slightly by surprise but also made me happy. The video introduced me to a group of people who are making their own little dream come to reality. Their dream that has been made into a mission and a vision, was to improve education conditions and make it available to those who couldn’t afford it. And that’s just about 85% of the children in Sudan..

So far, the group who called themselves Education Without Borders are operating actively in Khartoum. I have not researched more about their plans to expand beyond the borders of the capital, but I have no doubt that in no time they will be able to break records, make profound progress and major achievements. Loving and educating juvenile status children are among some of their wonderful activities.

The one thing that I’m in love with when it comes to EWB, is that they’re simply building a different model that will make others follow and simulate, rather than trying to ‘fight’ and beat the system. It is a universal law that resistance will reproduce and hardly one wins when there is a fight. The way forward, is to keep looking ahead and dreaming big.

I encourage all those who want to be part of such a great and positive movement to contact the group and discuss ideas on how to help and how to donate. Those who are not in Sudan, they too can donate, organize charity events and send them love.

If you could make one child learn another alphabet, and smile a little more, why don’t you? 🙂

Facebook group; https://www.facebook.com/EWBSudan


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